Friday, February 22, 2008


Mackenzie turned 1 in January. She is now walking all by herself with no help. She is loves to play with her baby doll, she carries her all around the house and she is quite the little mother to her. She loves to read books, she will sit on the floor and cross her ankles and put the book on her lap and turn pages one by one it is so cute. ( I will post a picture the next time she does it.) She does give hugs and kisses to people, she is very selective on who she gives them to. Her words that she says are Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Doggy, Kitty and Teddy. (which is Gramma and Grandpa Malik's dog name) She is getting so big and her personalty is really coming out. She is totally a gift from God. We are enjoying seeing her grow up, but it does go by really fast.

I just started selling Tastefully Simple. If anyone is interested in having a party or would like to order anything, please let me know and I would love to help you out. I also stay home with Mackenzie and I love it, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Ryan is still working at NTM Inc. He loves being a daddy and he is a wonderful husband, I could not ask for a better guy. Mackenzie loves her daddy, she always saying DA-DA .

We took a family vacation to Florida in the beginning of February. It was very nice to get away and of course it was nice weather. It was between 70 and 80 everyday, the day before we left it rained but other than that the weather was great. We flew in to Orlando and stayed at a timeshare for 3 nights and then we drove down to Daytona Beach and stayed 4 nights on the beach. It was beautiful and so relaxing. Mackenzie loved the beach. Mackenzie and I buried Ryan in the sand, I will post pictures when I get them developed. Mackenzie loved the pools at the timeshares. When we were in Daytona Beach, we went to a race track amusement park and Ryan drove dragster and he finished the finish line at 3.159 seconds. The thing I chose to do was to go to the outlet malls, but I was very disappointed that I didn't find anything but it was probably for the better because we didn't have much room in our suitcases.

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