Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Mommy, Daddy and Auntie Jenni went to the pumpkin patch. I got to sit on a pony & ride in a wagon. Mommy took a lot of pictures of me with the pumpkins. It was a nice fall day, the sun was shining we couldn't of asked for a nicer day. Mommy and Daddy bought me two pumpkins, one big one & and a one small one. Here are some pictures from my first pumpkin patch.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Apple Orchard

Carson and Reese Kissing

Mackenzie, Nick, Carson, Charlie, Reese and Maddie

Nick, Marcy and Charlie

Reese and Karie

Jenni and Carson

Mommy and Me

My mommy took me on a play date to the Apple Orchard. It was me, mommy her friends Jenni, Karie and Marcy and their kids (my friends) Carson, Maddie, Reese, Charlie and Nick. We had so much fun, I loved see the animals even though they smelled a little bit. I tried an apple for the first time, which tasted really good (better than those ones my mommy likes to feed me). It was a little chilly that day but my mommy bundle me pretty warm so that I didn't get cold. Here are some pictures from the apple orchard.


I am 9 months old. My mommy took me to the doctor and for the first time they didn't give me any shots. When I went to the doctor I weighed in at 21lbs 10 1/2oz. and 29 1/2 in long. I am officially out of my baby car seat, I have graduated to my big girl car seat. I am a lot busier now I am pulling myself up on things, (couch, table, and pretty much anything that I can) I crawl and when I am tired of crawling I do such a thing that is called the army crawl.