Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Trip to Texas

Me Playing

Uncle Chuck, Auntie Angie and Marissa

Mommy, Daddy and Me

Marissa and Me at Sunday lunch

Cousin Marissa

My mommy and daddy took me on a trip to Texas to visit my new cousin Marissa, Auntie Angie and Uncle Chuck. I went on my first plane ride that was fun. On the way back we had a longer plane ride than we were planing on but I it didn't bother me, it bothered my daddy more than it bothered me. My mommy and Auntie Angie took Marissa and I shopping a lot. I had a good time visiting Marissa but she is smaller than me so I couldn't really play to much with her but I tried but everyone kept telling me to be gentle. I was trying to be gentle. I can't wait till Christmas cause she will be bigger and then I can play with her more. Here are some pictures from our trip to Texas .

Monday, September 3, 2007

I got my ears pierced!!!

My mommy and Auntie Liz took me and cousin Layla to get our ears pierced on Friday morning. My daddy was not on board the first time my mommy asked him but after he thought about it for a few days he decide that I could get my ears pierced. So the next day after my daddy told mommy that I could get my ears pierced, we went out and got them pierced. My mommy picked out little diamonds (I mean cubic zirconium) for me and Layla got little gold hearts with diamond (I mean cubic zirconium). Layla was first and she was having fun amusing the ladies as they marked her ears, but soon after they got the ears ready they made her cry but she didn't cry long, she cried as if her mommy took her to the doctor and they gave her shots. I was next I was a little bit more interested in what they were doing to my ears then Layla did, but as soon as they marked my ears they made me cry. I cried as much as I would normally cry at the doctors office. Here are some pictures that my mommy took of me and cousin Layla.

My Cousins - Breanna, Abby, & Layla

My cousins from Wyoming stayed with me for two weeks, we had so much fun. My cousin Breanna danced for me a lot and made me laugh a lot. My cousin Abby would always give me a toy to make me happy when I would cry. My cousin Layla would try and play with me but I think I was a little bit of a bully with all my toys, I don't think I like to share just quite yet. I am so happy that my Auntie Liz brought them to Minnesota to see me. We wish they could have stayed forever but Breanna & Abby have to go to school. Good luck at school guys.