Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I have 2 teeth, my mom was soo excited when she could feel my teeth coming in , but now she is excited that she can finally see them. My teeth are not totally up but they are very close. My cousin Layla has had her teeth for about a month, but I rolled over before her. My cousin Micheal is not only rolling over but he has almost mastered crawling, but he doesn't have teeth so Layla and I have beat him in that area. For you guys that don't know, my mommy was pregnant with me at the same time as my auntie Stephanie and auntie Liz. I was born on Jan 3 and Micheal was born on Jan 16 and Layla was born on Jan 25. So I have a couple of cousins that are very close to my age.

My Favortie Show

I love watching Wheel of Fortune. My parents think it is so funny that as soon as the show comes on I watch it, when it goes to commerical I stop watching but as soon as the wheel starts spinning I start watching again.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


My mommy is so happy that I started rolling over. I know it took me 7 months to do it but I like to do stuff in my own time. Now she can't wait till I crawl, then it will be walking, does she really know what she is getting her in to. Once I start walking there is no turning back. I am just content just playing with my toys. I have my cousins from Wyoming here to play with me and soon I will meet my aunt and uncle and all 5 of my cousins from Florida. My mommy will post pictures soon of me and my cousins.