Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I know I have been very bad at posting on my blog. I am going to set a reminder in my cell phone each week to blog otherwise it will be forever till the next post.

What have we been up to???

Mackenzie is growing like a weed, she loves to sing, she can see the ABC song (it is so funny we will be just about anywhere and she will just bust out singing the song). She is so cute and growing up way to fast.

Garrett is almost 6 months, he is almost sitting up by himself, he is also growing like a weed too. He loves Elmo. He loves to stick out is tongue!!! He is not to sure about this eating baby food thing yet but he needs to because he is starting to wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

Ryan and I are do good, just very busy with the little ones, but loving every minute of it.

Here are some things we did this summer::

We loved going to parks!!!
We got a swingset for the backyard!!!
We went to Como Zoo a few times!!!
My sister Liz and her girls came to visit!!

We went to the splash pad a few times with friends!!!
We went camping up north with my sister family and my family at my uncles house!!!

We had playdates with friends!!!

Auntie Angie and her girls came to visit!!!
We went to Stillwater to Teddy Bear Park a few times!!!

Daddy and Papa went racing over the 4th at BIR!!!

We spent a lot of time shopping with Auntie Sara!!!

We went to the State Fair with Auntie Sara, Papa Wally and Grandma Sharon!!
Mackenzie did a lot of sleep overs at Grammy and Papa house!!!

We went camping with Liz & her family over Labor Day!!
We have been very busy, and still are.
Our fall activites are filling up fast.